Ottawa Charter which outlines some of the important principles of health promotion.

Health promotion is a very important part of public health and an essential component in any public health program or it is defined as the process of enabling people to increase control over and to improve their health.

The first international conference of health promotion was organized by the World Health Organization. It was held in Ottawa Canada and the outcome of this conference was the creation of a document called the Ottawa Charter.

The key components of the Ottawa Charter 

The Ottawa Charter describes five action areas and three strategies to achieve health.

i)Building healthy public policy:-

It is the process of developing policies that support health by not only protecting the health of individuals and communities but also making it easier for people to make healthy choices.

This is done by a coordinated approach of legislative regulatory organizational and Taxation changes. Healthy policies are not made just by health departments but from all levels and sectors of government and other organizations.

ii)Creating supportive environments:-

Environments are closely linked to their health, so this action area focuses on places that people live in their communities where they work, learn, or play. It aims to increase the ability of people to make health-promoting choices.

iii)Strengthening community action:-

This refers to the collective efforts of communities to improve their health.

iv)Reorienting health services:-

It aims to make health systems focus more on supporting the needs of people and communities for a healthy life.

It takes into consideration the total needs of an individual and encourages health services to focus on strengthening protective factors reducing risk factors and improving the social determinants of health.

v) Developing personal skills:- 

It focuses on supporting personal and social development. This is done by providing information, education, and enhancing life skills to make positive health choices.

The three strategies that the Ottawa Charter identified for health promotion are:-

i)To advocate:-

It is to use a combination of individual and social actions to obtain political commitments policy support and social systems that support a health goal.

ii)To mediate:-

It is the process by which different interests of individuals and communities and also different sectors like public and private sectors are reconciled in ways that promote and protect health.

iii)To Enable:-

It means that health promotion activities to improve health are taken in partnership with individuals so that they're empowered to take action to protect and promote their health.